field and roundhouse

We run a herd of 50 – and counting – Dun and White Galloway cattle in rural Nottinghamshire, England.

All our animals are reared on grass pastures. They feed on hayledge over the winter months.

Calves remain with their mothers and are suckled until they are around nine months of age. Around this time they are naturally weaned and remain with the herd until they have reached slaughter weight. This is usually over 30 months of age. Our heifers are kept for breeding.

There are less than 500 registered breeding Dun Galloway females in the country and our initial stock came from a ‘closed herd’ in Bedford. The herd had been closed for over 45 years with no new bloodlines introduced. We added some pedigree heifers from Scotland.

We are members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

galloways grazing fresh pasture